Elder Abuse Investigations

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As first responders, law enforcement officers can play a key role in providing an effective response to elder abuse at the local level. These short e-learning modules offer law enforcement officers, investigators, and other first responders an opportunity to access training on elder abuse at any time, from anywhere. You may be working with local partners under an Abuse in Later Life Grant from the Office on Violence Against Women, or you may simply be seeking information about some aspect of handling elder abuse cases. In either case, the information in these modules will enhance your investigative skills, help you work effectively with older victims, and provide you with tools that can help keep victims safe and hold offenders accountable.

For law enforcement personnel completing the elder abuse training modules as part of an OVW Abuse in Later Life grant, completion of Group 1 modules will fulfill the Basic Law Enforcement Training requirement. Completion of both Group 1 and Group 2 modules will fulfill the Advanced Law Enforcement Training requirement.


Group 2: Advanced

Group 2 modules cover a range of topics specifically related to investigating elder abuse cases, including powers of ...


Group 1: Basic

Group 1 modules cover core topics related to responding to elder abuse cases, including forms and dynamics of elder a...

Elder Abuse Training